Turnkey Solutions

Company Benefits

Fast rollout lets react quickly to marketplace needs.

Target specific products easily and simply to actively drive sales.

Budget friendly and simple to manage with access codes to redeem rewards.

Participant Benefits

Large selection of both gift cards and merchandise from which to choose.

Easy rewards redemption: logon with your code, select your award, provide your ship to info, place your order.

Excitement of Sweepstakes or other quick contests provide more ways to earn.

Solution #1

  • Customers earn a prize for predefined orders on a specific date
  • Customers may win a gift card or a small branded item (koozie, key chain, etc.)
  • Ability to add gamification
    • Hand out scratch-off cards to reveal prizes or redemption code
    • Pull pre-printed reward slips out of a bucket, hat, cooler, etc.
  • Create budget for every 100 winners, i.e. 90 koozies, 10 gift cards
  • Option to include the sales team; award top 3 associates at the end of day

Solution #2

  • Reward Sales team for short-term sales results, i.e. day, week, month promotion
  • Structure promotion based upon desired results: push specific products, new product launch, new customer orders, or overall sales
  • Works with numerous reward structures.
    • Payout 1st, 2nd and 3rd place
    • Tiered payout based upon sales, i.e. earn rewards at $500, $1,000 and $1,500 in sales

Solution #3

  • Ability to target the promotion (re-engage prior customers, fast start for new customers or “better your best” and set purchasing goals for period)
  • Works with numerous reward structures.
    • Exceed your purchase goal and earn a reward code
    • Tiered payout based upon sales, i.e. earn rewards at Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 in purchases

Solution #4

  • Create a raffle or sweepstakes, utilizing the numerous reward levels to create a unique payout structure
  • Note: may require legal assistance regards to compliance

Solution #5

  • Give a redemption code to those that participate and complete desired training
  • Recognize those that achieve their professional designation

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