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Social Recognition for Employee Engagement


Over 40 years of performance motivation experience uses the latest mobile-responsive technology to create this engaging, cost-effective software solution for employee engagement.

Applaudit™ is the cloud-based social hub for your organization. It’s the easy way to integrate brand values with Recognition best practices, online and on-the-go. Employees use it to recognize teammates, managers can acknowledge achievements, and you can reinforce your brand message whether the team is working remotely, in your office, or across the globe.

Quick to set up and easy to navigate, Applaudit visually represents your company’s brand. Create your program in partnership with our engagement experts and you’re on your way.

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Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Employee Engagement inspires the building of connections. Connections between people, and to the workplace. Social Recognition tells teammates their contributions are valued. Applaudit builds community. It’s easy to send peer appreciation (E-ppreciation) with a personal message, including photos, stickers or memes. Other teammates can add their applause to continue the celebration of achievement in the conversation feed. Managers can boost any E-ppreciation with points for added inspiration. Points are redeemable in a rich Rewards Mall.

Years of Service Awards

Taking the time to acknowledge Years of Service is a basic strategy to boost Engagement. Applaudit enables the celebration of important employment anniversaries, whether it’s a Millennial’s first year or Milestones of five, ten, fifteen years or more. Service anniversaries appear in the conversation feed and upcoming Milestones are featured on the page. A special tool is ready to help you create a certificate of appreciation, to be personalized by the manager. The event is triggered automatically, so no-one is forgotten.
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Celebrating Team Accomplishments

Success is a team effort. Applaudit provides the tools to recognize a group of people, ensuring that all contributors are acknowledged for all to see. Other teammates can tag and comment to include additional employees, and managers can amplify the effect of applause by adding points to their congratulations. Valuing all members of a group effort drives Engagement.

Manager Spot Awards

Great managers acknowledge achievements in the moment. Recognition by leaders lets everyone know they’re on the right track. Applaudit’s manager E-ppreciation is easy across all mobile devices, so managers are free to recognize on the go or in the office. Team leaders can boost recognition with points to redeem in the Rewards Mall. The lasting impression sustains the recipient’s motivation and extends it to others. Other managers can echo the applause by adding points, sparking inter-departmental and group cooperation. Recognition becomes part of the employee’s Applaudit profile, providing important insight for coaching and performance reviews.

See the Applaudit platform from the perspective of managers and employees, with a free, individualized demonstration.

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Employee Award Nominations

Annual Awards are meaningful and important for the organization. You can link a nomination to your company values, reinforcing their importance to your mutual success. Applaudit social recognition process enables HR and human capital pros to post the rules, receive nominations online, and route them for approval. You can even restrict nominations to a particular business group or division, if appropriate.

Engagement Dashboards and Reporting

The data created by your engagement program provides important insight into performance motivation in your company, teams and individual employees. Applaudit’s Dashboards help take the pulse of the program, so you can boost results where and when needed. Drilldown capability makes it easy to see detailed information about individual and team engagement. A standard suite of reports gives access to all the data you need to manage and optimize your program. Administrators can also create and customize reports specific to their needs.
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See for yourself how easy-to-use Social Recognition increases Employee Engagement

  • 40+ years of Motivation results
  • Familiar social interface
  • Cloud-based and mobile-responsive
  • Express Appreciation
  • Years of Service Awards (Milestones)
  • Core Values Notifications
  • Employee Awards
  • Peer-to-Peer Recognition
  • Quick setup
  • Easy, intuitive to use
  • Inexpensive pricing
  • Recommended Managers’ Spot Awards, Pool Points
  • Optional Peer Points
  • Optional Rewards
  • Dashboards and Reporting for organization, teams and individuals
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