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Where would you go with the freedom to choose?

Individual Travel Rewards Individual Aspiration

When your goals are tied to the unique hopes and aspirations of every person in your program, you not only get their attention, you also inspire their best performance. Rewarding with Great Escapes® gives your participants the chance to share the experience with friends or family, and to choose where and when to go. That’s pretty powerful motivation.

And with the Great Escapes platform, we’ve made it easy. You tell us who you’re rewarding and how many Free Spirit credits you’d like to give. We’ll take care of the communications and let your recipient know how to redeem.

With this flexible solution, you can reward 20 to 2000 people, and you control your budget. Give a long-term employee the trip of a lifetime or tickets to the big game. Motivate Millennials with the chance for a weekend getaway with friends. The options are just about limitless.

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With Great Escapes, You Do You

Everyone has their own wish list. In fact, recent research shows that when asked how they would like to be recognized and with what reward, 99% of respondents gave completely unique answers! With Great Escapes, recipients can choose from tens of thousands of hotels, airlines, cruises, car rentals, and event tickets.

Your winners may choose sporting event tickets or the best seats in the house at a Broadway show. Or head to Alaska for a cruise or to hike Denali. Maybe they’d rather dig their toes in the sand on Turks and Caicos or run with the bulls in Pamplona. It’s all possible.

No matter if they take a romantic getaway or a family vacation, your travelers will know they are valued by the company, and that they can reach their personal aspirations by striving towards business goals.

Ready. Set. Reward.

Whether you’re driving sales with a seasonal contest or rewarding for customer loyalty, give a reward with the freedom to choose. And best of all, you’ll reach your goals before you invest in the program. Once you provide us with the recipients’ details and the amount you would like to reward, your program will be off and running.

Event Tickets or Time to Unwind?

Recipients will receive a welcome email, providing access to the Great Escapes site. There they can use their Free Spirit credits to create the right experience for themselves, whether close to home or in an exotic destination they’ve been dreaming of. There are so many places to go!
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