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It's all about relationships.

Peer-to-Peer recognition connects people.

Being part of a community is important to individual success. Not only does it provide the support and information needed to get the job done, it also gives people a psychological boost and a reason to reach organizational goals. Generate social buzz with your engagement program, and you’ll build a culture of recognition that extends through the entire company.

Applaudit™ is a mobile-responsive hub for your social recognition community, with peer e-ppreciation, and a conversation feed where employees can participate in bringing recognition to life. It’s easy to implement and easy to use.



Let people know they’re valued.

Years of Service and Milestone programs are essential to Engagement.

Every member of your team wants to know that they are valued and that there is meaning and purpose to what they do. Shine a light on their efforts, and you will strengthen the emotional connection between your organization and the people who deliver on your brand promise.

From the Millennial with a one-year anniversary, to those who have given decades to the company’s success, Next Level Performance will help you acknowledge your teammates’ dedication, growth, and achievement with easy-to-use tools and meaningful communications.

Go team!

Success is achieved through collaboration.

It’s important to recognize all of the contributors to a project for maximum engagement. From the top performer who makes the sale, to the new hire in data who keeps the information accurate and relevant, teammates throughout an organization form a critical human chain.

With our online solution, you can include entire teams in recognition. And others in the company can like or comment to ensure that credit for accomplishment is given where it’s due. Engagement happens when people know they are valued and are part of delivering on the company mission. Applaudit can help you achieve that.



Recognize peak performance.

Nominations and Annual Awards celebrate the contributions of your top performers.

Formal recognition is a best practice. Recognize those who make a significant difference to the success and culture of your organization. Peers or managers make the case for special recognition, tying the effort to your company values. And public recognition events put the spotlight on top performers, setting an example for the rest of the company to follow.

Next Level Performance makes the program easy to administer. Nominations can be submitted for review online, and associated with the values you set. Publicize the award in the conversation feed to celebrate the achievement for maximum impact!

Managers must lead with Recognition.

When managers recognize in the moment, they connect Recognition and Rewards with the effort to achieve them.

Great managers acknowledge great work in the moment, strengthening the link between Recognition and Reward. Research shows that to be meaningful, it must also be timely. And when managers recognize, it lets everyone know they’re on the right track and reinforces brand values.

With Next Level’s mobile-responsive online solution, Applaudit, manager e-ppreciation helps leaders recognize on-the-go or in the office. They can boost the recognition with points to be redeemed in the Rewards Mall, to make an indelible impression on the recipient. What’s more, other managers can contribute to the applause by adding points in the conversation stream. Recognition becomes part of the employee’s platform profile, providing important insight for coaching and performance reviews.



Stay on track.

It takes engaging Communications and program Measurement to succeed.
Consistent brand message

An online platform acts as the hub of communications across the organization, delivering a consistent brand message to all employees. Teammates can return to Applaudit for information on upcoming company initiatives, recent successes, and company values whether they are at your headquarters or across the globe.


A social recognition platform serves as a repository for engagement data across the company. With Dashboards to provide an important overview and easy-to-use reporting for the details, it is possible to gain insight into what’s working and what’s not within the organization.

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