Incentives & Rewards

Take Performance Up a Notch

You bring the talent. We’ll bring the motivation.

Add a little inspiration to your program by making success mutual. Incentive programs with desirable rewards drive results.

Sales Incentives

The most powerful tool you’ve got to keep your team on track.

To maximize motivation, set achievable and challenging goals, keep the program front-of-mind with frequent communications, and offer rewards that give everyone a reason to succeed. Research shows that tangible awards are more motivating than cash, and more memorable.

At Next Level Performance, we know how to energize your program and get results. We can help you with program design, engaging communications, and rewards that get everyone’s attention from merchandise to Incentive Travel.



Channel Incentives

Stay competitive. Earn mindshare.

Your channel partners have options. And the goals for their businesses aren’t the same as yours. Make sure that your channel incentive program keeps your products and services at the top of their list. Grow market share and loyalty with engaging communications and rewards that get their attention.

We know that influencing a distribution sales team, independent agents, or third-party sales reps,  has its challenges. Whether your goal is to increase product knowledge or to go head-to-head with a competitor, our online campaigns, tracking, and rewards will help you get it done.


When it comes to choosing a business partner, it’s personal.

With customer and partner referrals, you’re pre-approved. People are more likely to do business with someone recommended by a friend or business connection. Your best prospects are already talking to someone who knows your business. Why not encourage them to make the introduction, and increase your odds of earning new business?

A referral program amplifies word of mouth – the most cost effective form of marketing. We can make it happen, and give people a reason to share their positive experiences and recommendations with their networks – and grow your business.



Customer Loyalty

Your customers are bombarded with your competitors’ brand message every day.

How will you earn their loyalty? Building a relationship with the customer is proven to keep them brand loyal. A customer who feels that they are on the inside track with the brand and who reaps the benefits of loyalty will not only keep using your products and services, they are more likely to recommend it to others.

With a customer loyalty program, we can help you get the message out about your brand, drive interactions that build emotional connection, and encourage future purchasing.

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