2018 Annual Award Winners at Next Level Performance

2018 Annual Award Winners at Next Level Performance

March 28, 2018

At Next Level Performance, we know that recognizing teammates for the extraordinary contributions they make every day is essential to letting them know they are valued partners in the company’s success. With our Annual Awards, we recognize those who have gone above and beyond throughout the year during a gathering in front of their peers.

And the winners for 2018 are…

Teammate of the Year: Casey Cuono, Senior Software Developer

The Teammate of the Year Award is chosen from nominations for Teammate of the Quarter given by colleagues in recognition of the winner’s hard work throughout the entire year. Casey works as a crucial part of our IT department, helping to maintain and develop our award-winning software suite of products. He also helps solve internal issues, for which he plays an important role in making Next Level run smoothly. Here’s what the winning nominations had to say about Casey:

Casey has a positive, go-getter, open-minded attitude which is completely refreshing and makes working with him enjoyable. He consistently goes above and beyond to fix problems before they become even bigger problems, which ensures that our systems are working as effectively as possible, and at the same time, gets us ahead of issues so that in the future tasks are easier to manage. Casey’s willingness to jump in when needed, his extensive knowledge of  IT projects, and eagerness to find a solution to any problem has been very helpful and proves how valuable he is as a Next Level teammate.

Next Level CARES Award: Stacey Serrano, Project Manager 

This award is given to the person whose actions, words, commitment to excellence, and achievements best exemplify the CARES values of the organization: Collaboration, Accountability, Respect, Ethical Behavior, and Service.  As Project Manager, Stacey plays an important role in every department of our company to ensure everything we do is completed to our high standard of quality and in an efficient matter. Here’s part of the winning nomination:

Stacey enthusiastically collaborates with every department, always holds herself accountable for delivering on the promises made to clients and teammates, takes personal ownership for the results while freely giving credit to others for the success, and will be the first one to honestly admit when there’s a problem.  She consistently conducts herself in a professional and respectful way, focusing on moving ahead and putting together a constructive plan that will move any project forward. Stacey really is a terrific teammate and an invaluable part of our company!

Our culture of recognition is very important to our mission and values. It makes the critical connection between personal achievement and organizational success. We are happy to celebrate Casey and Stacey’s accomplishments and to share our winners with you!