30 Years with Next Level Performance – Gail Martin

30 Years with Next Level Performance – Gail Martin

September 13, 2018

In 1988, movie tickets were $3.50, the first Die Hard movie came out, George Bush Sr. was elected president, the average price of gas was 91 cents, and our Customer Service Program Manager, Gail Martin, began her 30-year-strong career with Next Level Performance. Then called Dittman Marketing Solutions, Gail joined the team during a pivotal time of company growth and technological advancement. While the ways of conducting business constantly changed throughout the past few decades, Next Level’s values have remained constant, and Gail has embodied them from the start.

We recently celebrated Gail’s 30th anniversary with a gathering at our office, where we watched a slideshow highlighting her days working with Next Level teammates – both old and new – and commended her for her long-term dedication to the company.

Gail celebrating her 30th anniversary milestone

Gail started her career at Next Level with a passion for keeping clients happy, whether that be through resolving merchandising complications, or simply establishing a genuine relationship with them. She represents the bridge between the company’s operations and the program participants, making sure winners have a great experience and receive their rewards promptly.

In 1988, merchandise orders had to be placed manually, fax machines held the place of emails, and air travel tickets had to be enveloped and mailed directly to group travel winners. With only 11 teammates working for the company at the time, Gail joined at a critical moment, taking on the challenges of managing a heavy workload in a growing company. “With only eleven people at the time, each person in the company had numerous responsibilities, but from the first day, the we have stayed true to our purpose of driving employee engagement through travel programs and merchandise,” Gail says, remembering her early days at Next Level Performance. After years of technological change, company growth, and even an economic recession, Gail has delivered on the Next Level Promise and been a pleasure to work with, as a colleague and a customer service professional. Congratulations, Gail on your remarkable achievement!