Four Ways to Show Your Employees Thanks

Four Ways to Show Your Employees Thanks

November 20, 2017

With the holidays, particularly Thanksgiving, upon us it is important that we show gratitude to those around us, and make sure that the people closest to us know how much we appreciate them. This doesn’t just apply in your personal life, it’s meaningful professionally as well.

Here are four different ways to spice up end-of-the-year recognition to say “thanks”:

Thank them personally.

There’s something about getting an email from a boss or colleague acknowledging your hard work–it’s nice to know that someone notices. One way that you can ensure that your employees know this is a personal gesture of an email, a thank you card, a printed out certificate, stop by their desk or even a phone call just to let them know that not only do you see their efforts, but that you appreciate them.

Let others join in on the conversation.

In a time where everyone has an online presence, your employees are used to seeing everything take place on a social feed on some kind of screen from mobile phones to office desktops. The ability to call out an employee’s accomplishments in a forum where others can congratulate and comment in a format that everyone is familiar with today, can be important and effective. Online recognition platform provide this opportunity.

Put their name in lights.

A tried and true way of saying “thanks” is by giving publicity to an employee’s accomplishments and hard work. It could be as simple as taking a moment out in a team meeting to let the rest of the department know how much has been achieved. Or, you can take it a step further by nominating them for an employee of the quarter or year award. This connects people to the organization and gives their work purpose and meaning.

Link your values.

When incorporating nominations and awards into your recognition program, it is important to tie employees’ behaviors back to the company’s values. If one virtue that your company puts heavy stock in is Collaboration, allow employees to nominate a colleague they feel exemplifies this value and why. The winner can be announced either annually or quarterly. This not only reinforces your company’s values, but also makes a positive example of employees that are carrying them out, making it a little bit more special.

The reality is 99% of your employees have different preferences of how they wish to be recognized. A phone call will mean more to some than it does to others. If you have a shy employee who doesn’t like attention, asking them to stand in a meeting might have an adverse effect. It’s important to know your employees, and to make sure they know how appreciative you are in the right way that is meaningful and motivating to them.

Thank YOU for taking the time to think about how you can show appreciation at work.

Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at Next Level Performance!