Our 5 Most Popular Blog Articles

Our 5 Most Popular Blog Articles

July 27, 2017

A successful employee recognition program balances current trends and tried and true elements. In our top 5 blog posts, you can see how best practices are the glue that holds a recognition program together. Check them out below:


Employee Recognition Programs at Google – Going Beyond the Perks

Google aims to create an office for work and play that also gives people purpose. The company’s reasoning behind recognition is something to strive for and can easily be adopted by any other organization. Check out how they keep the balance.

How Much Does an Employee Recognition Program Cost?

Employee recognition program cost can be difficult to determine up front. This article outlines some guidelines and rules of thumb we put together to help you determine ballpark cost figures. There’s also a white paper on the topic included.

What “Office Space” Teaches Us About Employee Engagement

This satire depicts scenarios that – while extreme – occur every day in some organizations. Why are employees in the movie so unhappy? Find out what makes them so unmotivated and how to keep your organization from the same fate as Initech!

How May I Help You? How Wegmans Gets Service Right

A personal encounter with bad customer service at a different local store was cause for some reflection on Wegman’s consistently excellent service, and how they inspire it. Read about our experience and how the company sets a cultural example for us all.

5 Types of Employees on Parks and Recreation: Which One Are You?

The employees of the Pawnee Parks and Recreation Department each embody one level of BlessingWhite’s X Model. Let’s explore each to see how the show’s characters symbolize employees in our own organizations. Which character are you?