A Roadmap to Engagement

A Roadmap to Engagement

July 12, 2016

Engagement improves business outcomes by leveraging stakeholder relationships to an organization and influencing behaviors. Employee engagement is a critical element in refining the brand experience. While there is an art to building relationships between employees and an organization, there is a science to focusing efforts to achieve business goals.

How to Design a Program For Maximum Effectiveness


Every company has a wide array of stakeholders, including management, employees, customers, channel partners, vendors, and the community at large. Every individual who makes an impact on or is impacted by an organization becomes part of a large web of constituents who affect business outcomes.

Engagement programs take into consideration the personal investment of and actions by these stakeholders, and seek to improve relationships and brand understanding across many different streams of interactions. Engagement programs incorporate a number of tools – such as recognition and incentives – to support organizational goals and drive behaviors. An essential pillar is employee engagement. Research consistently shows a strong relationship between employee engagement and business success. But what exactly constitutes employee engagement? It is not putting a pool table in the hallway or haphazardly sending a few eCards. Developing a culture of engagement requires a series of considered steps and measurements to understand an organization’s unique culture and challenges, and to address them in meaningful ways.

An alignment of goals and messages throughout the entire decision chain focuses employee efforts and reinforces the brand value, ultimately providing a better customer experience and producing a positive effect on the bottom line. Common sense tells us that employees who care about their work do a better job. The customer service rep who genuinely tries to help is engaged in his or her work and is personally invested in the outcome. As customers, we benefit from this investment and the extra effort converts into our loyalty.

What Do We Know?

Surveys have assessed engagement across a wide array of issues in the workplace – from sense of opportunity to availability of information to confidence in leadership…

A Roadmap to Employee Engagement

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