Practicing What We Preach: Annual Award Winners at Next Level Performance

Practicing What We Preach: Annual Award Winners at Next Level Performance

February 23, 2017

At Next Level Performance, we know that recognizing teammates for the extraordinary contributions they make every day is essential to letting them know they are valued partners in the company’s success. In addition to many other engagement initiatives, each year we take a few moments to honor our annual award winners.

Please join us in congratulating:

Teammate of the Year: Gail Martin, Customer Service Program Manager

The Teammate of the Year Award is chosen from nominations for Teammate of the Quarter given by colleagues in recognition of the winner’s hard work throughout the entire year.  Gail has been with the company for 28 years and her dedication to program participants serves as an example for our entire team. Here’s what one of the winning nominations had to say about her work:

Gail helped participant who had booked a trip to Belize, but was then diagnosed with breast cancer, and would not be able to travel.  The participant’s refund request was denied by travel vendors because the booking was non-refundable. Gail leaped in to advocate for the participant. She reached out directly to the hotel, airlines, and an advocacy group that assists people with airline disputes multiple times. Through her efforts, Gail was able to get a full refund from the hotel and a credit from the airline that could be used towards a future flight. Sometimes it is hard to quantify the service levels we provide our clients. This particular case exemplifies two of our corporate values: to consistently strive to exceed expectations (Service) and to do the right thing every time without hesitation (Ethical Behavior).

 Next Level CARES Award: Jackie Leming, Travel Experience Specialist

This award is given to the person whose actions, words, commitment to excellence, and achievements best exemplify the CARES values of the organization: Collaboration, Accountability, Respect, Ethical Behavior, and Service.  Jackie works as part of our Travel team, thoughtfully taking care of the participants on our Travel programs and ensuring that they have a flawless experience.  Here’s the winning nomination:

Without a doubt, Jackie Leming is our nomination for the 2016 Annual CARES awards because she shines, and she shines every day. Jackie has consistently exhibited all of the company values since her first day here a year and half ago and it’s time she was recognized for being the shining star she is. She brings a uniquely well balanced and seemingly “handcrafted” ensemble of positive attributes to the travel team from the moment she arrives in the office to her evening farewell. She displays accuracy, thought, objectivity, service, and dedication in every task she is responsible for or involved in, and would be the first to raise her hand to lend a colleague a helping hand, whether in our out of her department. Without being biased, we do not believe that anyone at NXLP would disagree that Jackie Leming deserves the 2016 Next Level CARES award! (sound of clapping and applause).

Our culture of recognition is very important to our mission and values. They make the critical connection between personal achievement and organizational success. We are happy to celebrate Gail and Jackie’s accomplishments and to share our winners with you!