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Becoming the Brand of Choice. Increasing Consumer Loyalty Through Rewards.

View as PDF Attention-grabbing signs at retailers announce, “Cash Back!” for customer purchases. In any economy, consumers are looking for better prices and the promise of cash would seem to be a likely driver of purchasing behavior. Unfortunately, however, a tremendous opportunity is lost for the retailer. While such tactics may produce temporary bursts of purchases, they do not develop …

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Channel Partners: An Opportunity to Engage

View as PDF Discussions of organizational stakeholders routinely include shareholders, employees, and customers. An equally important constituency, however, is made up of the channel sales partners, including sales people working for those companies forming the distribution channel. These partners are motivated differently than employees or customers, as they must first and foremost address the needs and priorities of their own …

All I Want Is a Great Experience

Material gifts are desirable, but an experience, like dinner with friends or a trip to a far away place, creates enjoyable memories that last long beyond the event.