Designing and Implementing an Effective Sales Incentive Program: A New White Paper

Designing and Implementing an Effective Sales Incentive Program: A New White Paper

July 15, 2016

Release date: 01/16/2015

A high-performing sales incentive must be designed carefully to create the desired outcome. Dittman Incentive Marketing’s new white paper provides guidelines on implementing a sales incentive program, including worksheets to calculate budgets and recommended reward levels.

Sales incentive programs boost individual performance while allowing participants to increase their contribution to the goals of the organization. Dittman’s new white paper, “Designing and Implementing an Effective Sales Incentive Program” outlines how to create a successful sales incentive program.

The white paper discusses most common questions asked when designing an effective sales incentive program and identifies decision points like, “How much sales revenue do you expect to generate? Which products or services are included?” and provides some rules of thumb to help calculate the parameters of the program. “For a sales incentive to deliver an effective ROI, careful thought must be given to the contest parameters and the rewards,” says Dave Dittman, Executive Vice President of Dittman Incentive Marketing. “This white paper provides a clear roadmap to designing a program that will meet the goals of the C-suite and the Sales organization.”

The white paper addresses the three main phases of designing and implementing a sales incentive program. The first part will help set a budget and examine how much should be invested by using calculations to estimate the cost. The second part of the paper discusses program rules that are the key to designing a successful program. This is done with extensive examples and rules of thumb to follow for success. The last section of the white paper demonstrates how to engage participants through communication elements once the rules and parameters are in place. Get the full white paper here:

Dittman Incentive Marketing has been working with clients to create successful sales incentive programs for over 35 years. The information and knowledge in their new white paper comes from these years of experience and actual recommendations based on existing clients.