Dittman Incentive Marketing to launch Next Level Performance, a Dittman Company.

Dittman Incentive Marketing to launch Next Level Performance, a Dittman Company.

July 15, 2016

Release date: 06/06/2016

Dittman continues to take travel incentives and employee engagement to the Next Level, with the announcement of a new company name. Building on a forty year story of success, the rebranded company will also be investing in new resources to help their clients to achieve more.

Next Level Performance™ will be launched on August 1st 2016, the 40th anniversary of the founding of the company. The new brand reflects the impact that Dittman brings to their client’s organizations, whether in employee engagement, incentive travel, or sales motivation programs.

Dave Dittman, Managing Director, made the announcement, saying, “This anniversary is the perfect time to take stock of the company’s future. Our sales and marketing incentive programs have helped clients achieve exceptional results for decades. But “incentive marketing” no longer reflects the full range of products and services that we provide for our clients. Our employee engagement solutions use recognition and rewards, gamification, and social media elements to motivate multi-generational organizations. Everything we do is focused on helping people reach the next level of their potential, and we felt that the brand should reflect our passion for that goal.”

According to Jim Dittman, this is a natural evolution for the company he founded. “We have always been proud to deliver the highest levels of client experience, whether on a travel program that creates a lifetime of memories, or delivering a recognition platform that engages an entire organization. Next Level Performance underscores our belief that everyone has the ability to achieve more. We challenge ourselves daily to reach the next level, and we are investing heavily in our technology and capabilities to ensure that we achieve those aspirations.”

Dittman Incentive Marketing has been recognized as a Best Place to Work in NJ, and as a “Champion of Good Works” by the Commerce and Industry Association of NJ. This focus on supporting the local community will continue under the Next Level Cares project, starting with the annual HOPE Week event in August. Employees will help local non-profit organizations through a series of community-based activities, and donations, inspired by the NY Yankees “Helping Others Persevere & Excel” project.

The company will continue to operate from the headquarters in New Brunswick, NJ.

About Dittman Incentive Marketing and Next Level Performance

For 40 years, Dittman Incentive Marketing has been an award-winning leader in providing incentives, recognition, and rewards programs to help companies realize immediate ROI in motivating sales people, employees, channel partners, customers, and consumers. Dittman’s signature products and services include: TotalPRO® (Performance Recognition Online) — an incentive, recognition and rewards online software solution (SaaS) – and Deluxe Group Incentive Travel.

Next Level Performance, a Dittman Company, helps people and organizations to reach deeper, rise higher, and attain the next level. Creating cultures that encourage teams to succeed, and inspire people to excel in their roles.