Dittman Incentive Marketing Launches New Rewards Mall Experience

Dittman Incentive Marketing Launches New Rewards Mall Experience

July 15, 2016

Release date: 07/01/2015

Dittman Incentive Marketing announces the launch of a new shopping platform for all TotalPRO® customers. The rewards mall has been entirely redesigned for a complete user-friendly experience, while offering more redemption options than ever before.

The hard work that goes into earning points through recognition and appreciation should be redeemable for rewards that reflect this effort. Dittman Incentive Marketing has implemented a new shopping mall that offers participants the ultimate freedom of choice, with a beautiful design comparable to the leading online shopping sites.

New-Rewards-Mall-300x200The new shopping mall offers updated features that make it easier for participants to find the exact reward they want. These features include a new look with a modern, mobile-friendly design. Participants can log into their account and shop using their phones anytime and anywhere. For example, when participants are in a retail store, they can log into the TotalPRO shopping mall, order an eGift Card for that store, and use it on the spot.

With the new Wish List function, participants can simply check an option to add an item to their Wish List for ordering at a later date. For faster selection, the “What Can I Buy” feature allows the participant to narrow down their choices based on the amount of points they have in their account; the Popular Items section offers users a chance to see what others are redeeming. There are additional sections for most popular merchandise, top brands, and gift cards.

The shopping mall offers over 30,000 merchandise items, eGift Cards, and event tickets, plus a virtually unlimited choice of travel options. In the past year, partnership programs with dozens of merchant suppliers have greatly increased product options, with faster shipping times. Since implementation, the total number of brands that participants redeemed increased by 44%.

With easier navigation and a better user experience, Brian Carr, Director of Individual Awards at Dittman Incentive Marketing says customers are redeeming more. “Implementing the partnership program with suppliers allowed us to offer our customers a wide range of new reward options and to deliver them quickly. Our new Rewards Mall showcases the merchandise, event tickets and travel options in an attractive way, providing a positive experience for participants, and keeping them motivated for more.”

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