Dittman Recognized as One of the 2016 NJBIZ Best Places to Work

Dittman Recognized as One of the 2016 NJBIZ Best Places to Work

April 21, 2016

Getting employee engagement right is really important to us – not only for our clients, but also for the success of our own business. That’s why we’re so thrilled to be repeat winners of NJBIZ’s Best Places to Work in New Jersey!

Winning companies are chosen based on the results of employee surveys and comments, among other criteria. As one of our anonymous survey respondents wrote, “Dittman is the perfect example of ‘practice what you preach’. The recognition and rewards I receive let me know that I am a valued contributor in the organization, which motivates me to succeed, encourages me to strive for more, and greatly aids in my professional growth.” That’s exactly the point of engagement, after all.

Here’s a look at how we engage our own colleagues:


Dittman CARES Values

We chose this acronym because we do care about what we do, about our team, about our community, and about our clients. Our values are Collaboration, Accountability, Respect, Ethical Behavior, and Service. Everyone at Dittman knows these by heart and every recognition event, nomination, and charitable initiative ties back to these concepts.

Recognition in Many Forms

Not every person is the same and not every effort is equal. So, we use our own engagement platform – TotalPRO – as the hub of a multitude of recognition opportunities. On a day-to-day basis, we use peer-to-peer eCards that colleagues can “like” in our Social Stream for a little virtual applause. Managers have pool points to award on the spot, when a teammate does something great. They can even reward on-the-go, using our recognition app. We also have quarterly and annual awards for which any member of our team can nominate any other. The winners and those making the winning nominations both earn points for our Rewards Mall.

Peer-Led Recognition & Engagement Committee

For engagement to really take off, it has to live in the workplace community. Our committee includes teammates from all areas of the company and at multiple levels. We want to be sure that those reviewing nominations and planning engagement events understand the everyday challenges faced on our team’s front lines. All that’s required to participate is enthusiasm for our company culture and the willingness to contribute.

Encouraging Ideas

We are always happy to hear from employees if they have an idea for a product or process that would make us better at what we do. That includes our formal Bright Ideas program, where teammates can make a submission online, then receive feedback from a peer review committee. If an idea is implemented, the teammate receives recognition and a points award.

Fun. As Much and as Often as Possible.

Never underestimate the power of celebration. Frequent events in the office bring levity into our day-to-day. From Cinco de Mayo fiestas to live streaming championship sporting events at brown bag lunches, we give our colleagues opportunities to get together, across departmental lines, and to have some fun. It builds our community when we have social connections at work.

We want our teammates to be engaged with their work, to feel appreciated every day, and to strive for bigger and better goals personally and professionally. It’s important to building our business and our community. And, we are honored to have once again been selected as one of our state’s Best Places to Work.