The Gift of Gratitude

The Gift of Gratitude

November 24, 2015

The season for giving thanks is here. We take this time to reflect on everything we’re grateful for: our family, our home, our pets, and more. Taking the time to consider all of the things in life we are fortunate to have is important for everyone. Being grateful is a powerful thing.

So I’m about to get a little touchy-feely with you. But don’t be afraid! Feelings are good. You might not think they belong anywhere near the workplace, but I beg to differ. There are certain feelings and emotions we have sometimes that can benefit the workplace. I’m not talking about how you feel about that sale you made or the project you haven’t completed. I am talking about feelings in relation to the people we work with, the people we are surrounded by for most of the day, almost every day.

Saying “Thank You” to your coworkers is important. Since Thanksgiving is here, I could tell you how just a simple Thank You can go a long way in showing appreciation for someone, but can you think of the last time you felt genuinely grateful for the people you work with? What’s more important than saying Thank You, is sincerely being appreciative for what your coworkers, employees, and those who work with you do day in and day out – the same as you would family. After all, we spend around 30% of our life on the job, interacting and sharing our lives with our coworkers.

Empathy is being able to understand the feelings of another. Empathy is an amazing thing, but is becoming more scarce in people today; so consumed with themselves and their own success. You can feel grateful because someone does something for you, but actually understanding what your coworkers have to do on a daily basis and the workload they carry really helps drive gratitude and appreciation.

“Learning to be grateful is one of the most selfish things you can do.” A recent article on that explained how being grateful makes you happier because you have a better disposition, it puts you in a better mood, and you can actually live longer. Every year, around this time, we celebrate our gratitude for each other here at Dittman by taking a moment to all gather for a company-wide lunch. Truly breaking from our busy days for the sole purpose of reflecting on the year that has passed and how thankful we are for each other.

We can all learn to be grateful, and what better time than now. The year is coming to an end; we’re wrapping things up at work, and celebrating during this joyous time of year. Whether it’s another department, a member of your team, or that guy that keeps messing up at work, put yourself in their shoes just once. I promise if you start understanding people’s situations and being grateful for their contributions, you will feel better. And the workplace will be a little bit better for everyone.