Employee Appreciation in a Hybrid Environment

Employee Appreciation in a Hybrid Environment

January 27, 2023

A hybrid work structure has become the norm for many companies following the COVID-19 pandemic—but has your company adjusted their employee appreciation strategy to account for these changes?  

The recently released Incentive Research Foundation’s Industry Outlook for 2023 cites a critical focus on attracting and retaining talent in this challenging period. It also shows that businesses are considering non-cash incentive programs to be a valuable tool in motivating a changing workforce. 

With Employee Appreciation Day coming up on March 3rd, now is the perfect time to craft your year-round strategy to ensure your employees are recognized for their successes and milestones—regardless of where they do their work. Here are a few thoughts on delivering a sustained culture of appreciation. 

Employee Appreciation Is More Than A Day 

We often say, Employee Appreciation is not a day … it’s a way of life. It provides an opportunity to put a stake in the ground regarding your company’s commitment to your employees—but it only matters if you maintain the focus the whole year through.  

Kick things off with a virtual celebration with your team—and make it matter. Send gift cards to each member of your team, for an order-in lunch, gather the team on a meeting call, and thank them for their continued contribution to the company’s success. 

Celebrate special moments 

Milestones, achievements, and holidays are all important reasons to celebrate as a team. Moments of celebration become easier when you have an employee recognition program in place, allowing you to reach a wide audience. 

Easily schedule eCards for a single recipient during their anniversary, or schedule to a team on an important holiday.  

Create an inclusive environment 

Implementing an employee appreciation program allows for more peer-to-peer and manager-to-employee recognition opportunities. Congratulate a teammate for a job well done or thank them for going above and beyond. No moment of recognition is too big or too small—and you can brighten up someone’s day with a simple message. 

Elevate your recognition strategy with rewards 

Offer your employees something special on holidays or events, such as merchandise from their favorite brand or a gift card from a popular restaurant. In times of inflation, cash rewards are often appreciated—and offer recipients the option to redeem points for something special. This Employee Appreciation Day, we can help deliver an easy yet impactful solution to the question, “What are you doing for your employees?”

Next Level Performance offers Great Rewards—giving employees the autonomy to choose a reward within budget from our robust catalog, and Lunch on Us—a simple program that gives recipients the choice between gift cards from top restaurants and food delivery services. 

Learn more about how we can help you deliver an impactful employee experience. Contact us for a demo or visit the link below for more information about our Employee Appreciation Day reward solutions.