Engaging Teams in a Dispersed World

Engaging Teams in a Dispersed World

September 17, 2020

In times of uncertainty and concern, efforts to demonstrate to our team members that they’re vital to our success are more important than ever. With teams increasingly dispersed, we have an opportunity to recognize their contributions or simply celebrate our connections, and a responsibility to do so.

We’ve compiled some suggestions on how you can do that effectively, and we’re here to help execute on your behalf. A few of our thoughts include:

Say thanks. A simple “thank you” can go a long way in lifting someone’s spirits. Leverage your appreciation system more diligently than ever with recognition for a job well done, or a business or personal milestone. And give performers a shoutout during a team or employee meeting.

Show them you care. Add a note or a gift to your “thank you”. Include a gift card for shopping or gas, and add some coffee for their home office, some sweets like you would have placed on your desk, or a recipe packet they can share with their family.

Be social. Recognizing an employee on your company’s LinkedIn or Facebook page for their great contributions says a lot not only about the individual, but about the value your organization places on the people that make you successful. Talk about great work, and brag about the people who do it.

Make a point. If you have a rewards program in place, share some points. Catalogs include a full suite of options, and you can even offer a curated catalog with items that speak to the situation we’re in. Travel cancelled? Maybe you can create some personal choice travel options that individuals and families can leverage when this is all behind us.

Gather anyway. Maybe you can’t meet in person, but you can leverage technology to get together. Keep people connected professionally, and have some fun with it, too. Organize after work activities – get together to watch a concert, share recipes and Zoom together to make them, or simply schedule an online meeting on a Friday to meet each other’s family and pets.

Stay healthy. In times like this, it’s important to get exercise and stay fit. Create challenges with your remote teams – fitbit steps, biking challenges, and dietbet competitions are a few options to keep active together. Our rewards catalog includes a litany of Sports and Fitness items to help round out that home gym and stay fit physically and mentally.

These are just a few suggestions to help stay connected with teams and regions throughout your organizations. Get creative on your own, create groups around activities, but whatever you do, first realize that connection in today’s world takes a little extra effort, but the tools are all out there for the taking.