The Face of Customer Loyalty

The Face of Customer Loyalty

June 2, 2014

Our customer service team has been handling a customer loyalty program for a major baby products company.  In order to increase loyalty in their marketplace, the organization asked moms- and dads-to-be to purchase or receive as a gift one item in each of several categories and to provide the UPC code as a proof of purchase. The reward? An expensive car seat with a strong reputation for safety.

The response was terrific and soon our customer service team was busy helping customers report their purchases. Car seats began shipping to new parents across the country. Along the way, our customer service representatives answered questions and provided assistance by phone and by email, getting to know many participants throughout their pregnancies.

And then, the baby pictures arrived!  Addressed directly to members of our team or to our client’s organization, beaming faces with “Thank you!” written on them appeared in our mailbox. The new parents who had gotten to know our team during the program included us and the brand in a very personal way.

In the minds of the participants, the link was made between the most important thing in their lives – their new baby – and the brand and its products and services. The relationship was successfully established.

In later surveys, we discovered that most participants had never purchased anything from the brand before, but the vast majority said that they would again and that they would recommend the brand to a friend. The client achieved their goal and new customers were acquired and converted to brand advocates.

And that’s exactly what customer loyalty is all about!