How (and Why) To Give Spot Awards

How (and Why) To Give Spot Awards

March 31, 2016

When it comes to engaging employees, managers are absolutely essential and Spot Awards are one of the most powerful tools you can give them. The immediacy of this particular kind of recognition connects the action to the reward, leaving no doubt in the employee’s mind that they’ve done the right thing.

Here are some tips for getting Spot Awards right every time:

Don’t Delay!

With a Spot Award, a manager can – and should – give recognition on the fly and in the moment. For maximum impact, Spot Awards should be given as close to the achievement as possible.

  • Hear someone giving great customer service on the phone? Hand them a Spot Award card.
  • See that a teammate is staying late all week to get a project done? Send them points via the Recognition App.
  • Know that an employee made a big difference at that sales presentation? Send an eCard now, so that they receive it before they get off the plane on the trip home.

Identify the Greatness

A generic thank you eCard is great, but to really reinforce the behavior, you have to make mention of what it was.

  • You are living our values by helping Mrs. Smith with her concern!
  • Thanks for staying late this week for the Acme project!
  • Way to go in that presentation! You really articulated our value proposition!

Not only does this shine a light on the right behaviors, but it also ensures that you and the recipient will both know why they were recognized when you look back through the year’s eCards and nominations.

Know Your Audience

Does this employee like the limelight? Would they rather do hard labor than be applauded at the monthly team meeting?

Recognition should be a positive experience and that means taking the recipients preferences into account. Give it in a way that is meaningful – and not mortifying – to the individual.

It’s Personal

Nothing beats a sincere “Thank you.” No matter what form of recognition you choose, be sure to follow it up with a walk down the hall to just say those two oh-so-important words.

Too often, busy managers think, “I’ll sit down and send all of my eCards at the end of the week” or “What was it that employee did last month??” To keep an engaged workforce thriving, there’s simply no time like the present. Do it now. Make it meaningful.