Halfway to the Holidays: Stand out with your rewards strategy

Halfway to the Holidays: Stand out with your rewards strategy

July 10, 2023

While the season of giving is an important time of the year to recognize your customer and employee relationships—there are many more opportunities year-round to take advantage of. A great reward strategy should do more than just simply “gift”—it should also help you stand out. 

According to Forbes, since the pandemic, over 80% of corporate gift-givers said gifts have improved relationships with employees and/or clients, with 48% saying gifting delivered a substantial benefit. 

With the correct strategy in place, rewards can help you boost sales and loyalty—and ultimately, improve your business. 

Rewards year-round will help you stand out 

The holidays are not only a popular time to give gifts—it’s also expected. While it is important to celebrate relationships during the November and December months, this alone isn’t going to make you stand out. 

Consider adding promotional gifting opportunities to your strategy to reward employees or customers during different times of the year. A halfway mark could be a good starting point. You also can send a reward for meeting company or individual milestones. 

Consider what’s important to the company, and build a promotion around it. Perhaps your company will donate to green initiatives in your community this year—a rewards catalog of outdoor merchandise or eGift card options could be rewarded to celebrate Earth Day. 

Gifts can help boost referrals 

Loyal customers and dedicated employees can also be your biggest fans. With the right tools, rewards can be used to gift both audiences for quality employee referrals, and successful customer conversions. 

Rewards can help elevate referral promotions. Setup a custom catalog with a variety of eGift cards to reward your audience for referring customers or employees. Or, if you have a loyalty program, provide points that can be used in a custom rewards catalog on anything of their choice. 

Surprise and delight can keep things exciting

You don’t always need a reason to reward your audience. Simply recognize your network for their loyalty with a surprise and delight gifting experience. This can be utilized to celebrate a company milestone, or for hitting a goal. 

If you have a virtual meeting coming up, surprise your attendees with a Lunch on Us eGift card code to redeem from a catalog of restaurant or meal delivery services. 

These small offerings can spark appreciation in recipients, and create moments to remember. 

Give options with Great Rewards

When it comes to gifting—the rewards experience can make all the difference. According to the same Forbes article, 88% of corporate gift buyers want good quality products, 82% want timely delivery, and 81% want a wide variety of gifts to choose from

We can deliver all of the above, with our easy Great Rewards solution that pairs a custom catalog—or wide variety of eGift cards or merchandise—with communications to excite your audience. 

Contact us today for a demo or a conversation about how we can help boost your rewards strategy.