I’m Living Proof: Employee Engagement Works

I’m Living Proof: Employee Engagement Works

May 7, 2015

Guess where I’m going this September? Orlando. Guess how I am getting there? An airplane and a rental car. How is this all possible? Employee Engagement!

Don’t believe me? Let me explain.

Recognition is the appreciation of an individual’s behavior or effort that supports the organization’s goals and values. It contributes to increased engagement, and makes the individual feel valued, which helps them to continue to work hard for their company.

Recognizing good effort or performance can be done multiple ways. From something like a simple “thank you” to a well-designed employee engagement program, rewarding the right behavior is important.

Here at Dittman, we create engagement programs that are tailored for each of our clients in order to increase employee commitment, and produce results toward the company’s desired values and goals. Our company treats its employees the way we coach clients to treat theirs. And because it’s important to practice what you preach, we have our own employee engagement program in place that provides the tools we need to succeed.

Take it from me! Here’s my story that needs to be told.

I started at Dittman last March as a Marketing Specialist. Joining this company was very different for me; the last company I worked for was not in the employee engagement and incentives business, and I was unfamiliar with the concept of rewarding employees for good behavior or for working hard.

Well, putting those ideas into action is exactly what Dittman did for me. So much so, that I am now able to take a trip to Disney World by using our rewards program. Our custom software platform called TotalPRO® has recognition and reward modules that contribute to an overall engagement program. These modules allow managers, peers, and the company to recognize colleagues with reward points, which can then be redeemed through our online shopping mall. The shopping mall offers a ton of merchandise items, gift cards, event tickets, and what I chose, travel!

Curious about why I was rewarded and acknowledged for the contributions I made throughout the year?

  • Years of Service: I recently completed one year here at Dittman. For this, I was acknowledged with reward points and a congratulatory certificate.
  • Referrals: There was an open position in our company that I thought (yes…) my sister would be great at. After she was interviewed and hired, I was rewarded for my successful referral (which I still don’t regret!).
  • Sales Contests: By the first quarter of this year, I was included in a sales contest. I surpassed the goals of the contest and was rewarded for my hard work.
  • Spotlight Awards: This was the biggest honor. I was recognized and chosen by my peers to be the Teammate of the Year for 2014.

We can’t forget the other things that keep me motivated and focused on my job. [They may not have gotten me points, but did contribute to my performance and my engagement]:

  • Getting involved: Participating in company events and joining in on projects in different teams throughout the company.
  • The managers: Positivity goes a long way and is needed to balance out constructive criticism. In order for an employee to grow, they have to be managed properly.
  • The little things: A simple “thanks” or pat on the back (not physically) go so far. Having a peer send me an e-card to simply say, “keep up the good work,” or “thank you,” is enough for me.
  • Attitude: For the company and me; a company needs to be a cheerleader for its employees in order for them to be a cheerleader for the company.

The reward points are great, but beside that, the recognition that comes along with each of them is enough to make me feel appreciated, and that my work is important to the company. I am living proof that employee engagement motivates employees and drives results. And what better way to show the accumulation of my efforts than some time to reboot and recharge? To top it all off, I am fortunate to work for a company that allows me to take a vacation like this, without feeling guilty for taking the time off. Harry Potter, here I come!