Incentive Planners’ Travel Wish List

Incentive Planners’ Travel Wish List

December 17, 2015

When incentive travel planners make their holiday wish lists, unique destinations always makes the cut. After all, it takes a passion for experiences to be a great planner! Here’s a peek at the destinations which made the wish lists of our Travel team this year.

Safari in Tanzania’s Serengeti  –  Our colleague’s list includes a stay at Singita’s Sabora Plains luxury tented camp during the Great Migration. There’s nothing like enjoying “Sundowner” cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, served on the hood of the jeep, while you watch the grace and unity of a pride of lions relax after a meal of wildebeest. Can’t beat that.

Greece – Offering unparalleled beauty and fascinating history, Greece is not to be missed. As our colleague wrote, “I love that some islands are quiet and romantic while others are known to keep the party going until the sun comes up. You get the best of both worlds!”

Japan – With its distinct culture, Japan made the wish list this year. From ancient shrines to skyscrapers to street fashion, there’s a lot to discover. Not to mention the cuisine!

Ibiza, Fiji, or Dubai!  – Why? Because they are not your average travel destinations. When you’ve been all over, the road less travelled appeals. Remote, exotic, different… It’s so hard to choose!

Alaska – Closer to home, but not to be outdone, Alaska beckons.  Rugged natural beauty, unique wildlife, and a glimpse of the Northern Lights make this a highly prized destination. Our teammate also hopes to do some whale-watching, visit Denali, and maybe even see a bear or two.

When it comes to the travel wish list, everyone has a different idea of perfection.

Whatever is on your wish list, we hope it comes true for you in 2016!