Incentive Travel: Why You Need Travel Planners Now

Incentive Travel: Why You Need Travel Planners Now

June 9, 2020

There’s no doubt about it. It’s always complicated to plan for incentive travel and events, but these days it’s even more challenging. That’s why you need experienced, professional travel planners now, more than ever.

Our team is engaged and excited as they work alongside our network of vendor partners – assessing and managing incentive programs around the globe, while the response to COVID-19 is still fluid. Every day something changes, but new best practices are starting to take shape. This is when a Travel partner can be your best ally. We help our clients adapt when it gets complicated. We’ve got your back.

Virtual Meetings and Events or In Person?

We all love taking guests to an inspiring destination, motivating great performance throughout the qualifying period with the anticipation of sunny beaches or exotic cities. But did you know we’ve been delivering virtual meetings and events for years? Some with capture sites and extensive broadcasts in theaters, or others from studios to far flung offices and homes. Our incentive travel planners know what it takes to manage the registration, production, communication, and delivery of an incentive-worthy experience, even if it’s online. And we can guide you through it.

Emergency Management

Thinking through every detail is our full-time job. That means we have already done our homework when it comes to emergencies. We have procedures in place and a professional network of organizations and suppliers to help us. That’s how we’ve scrambled to get a whole program out of Mexico before a hurricane hit, and repatriated Europeans before the borders closed in March. We are committed to doing everything we can for the health and safety of every guest. It’s the right thing to do, and we’re so glad we can help.

Safe and Sound On Site

Our team is crafting social distancing guidelines and vendor policies now, in preparation for new requirements on site as things re-open. Check back soon for our guide to keep guests safe at every turn. We’re glad to be a resource to you for ideas on how your event can evolve.


When the pandemic hit, we provided our clients with options. That’s because we always negotiate contracts with your best interests in mind. Navigating hotel and local vendor agreements can be a challenge and an experienced team can really help. We live and breathe these terms and have longstanding relationships with our partners. We know that we all must pull together to provide maximum value and options in the event of emergencies or postponements. We work hard to build these concepts into our agreements every day.

Planning for the Future

We are actively submitting proposals and confirming programs for next year and beyond. With faith that “this too shall pass,” our client companies are looking to the future and keeping mission-critical sales teams engaged. After all, their motivation will drive business into next year, essential to the recovery ahead. Incentive travel – live or virtual – will have a big part to play in the recovery ahead. We’re ready! And we’re going to contract on new business now.

When In Doubt…

Talk to us about options. If Travel isn’t in the cards in 2020, it is still essential to recognize top performers from the 2019 program now. We’ve got solutions to make that work.

Have a question on motivation and rewards? We’re happy to kick ideas around with you or talk about what we’re seeing in the market. Send me an email at [email protected].