Individual Travel: Inspiring Experiences

Individual Travel: Inspiring Experiences

March 16, 2017

Each of us has a wish for one extraordinary trip or experience, and it’s different for everyone.  That’s why individual travel is such a powerful motivator in incentive programs. Whether your program winners wish they could visit family across the country or they dream of an exotic excursion to Peru, their accomplishments at work will get them there.

Employee engagement and incentives are all about connecting people’s individual hopes and aspirations to your company and your program. A recent Incentive Research Foundation study showed that out of 452 respondents, 99% had a unique combination of recognition and reward preferences. But individual travel programs let the winners choose among a world of options.

I began my career in incentive travel and have had the pleasure of working with many individual travel winners. They start with questions. “You mean I can really go anywhere?” Yes. “What’s the catch?” There isn’t one. “Do I have to do a pre-selected tour?” No, it’s really up to you.

Then the stories begin. “There’s this cruise… I’ve had a picture of the ship on the wall in my office for a year, hoping I would win!” “My wife has always wanted to go to Aruba. Can we even bring our kids?” “My father served in World War II. I’d really like to see Pearl Harbor.”

That’s the thing about Great Escapes Free Spirit, our individual travel solution. Participants can go where they want, when they want, with whoever they want. They can make those travel dreams come to life.

Recently, we upgraded the travel offerings. In addition to the tens of thousands of hotels, airlines, and event tickets already available, we now feature cruises and car rentals. It’s a chance to offer program participants complete freedom to do as they choose.

It’s a powerful motivator. And is a meaningful and memorable reward.

If you haven’t thought about offering individual travel in your reward mix, it’s worth checking it out. Here’s where you can find more information. Or get in touch with us at [email protected] to talk about Great Escapes Free Spirit can work for your program.