Introducing Applaudit: HR Technology for Your Recognition Culture

Introducing Applaudit: HR Technology for Your Recognition Culture

March 21, 2017

We are pleased to announce the release of Applaudit™, a social recognition and engagement solution designed to inspire your employees to Achieve More. We applied our 40 years of experience to leading edge technology to create a new user-friendly and engaging online solution that can deliver your brand message and build your community.

We created Applaudit because we know to be the best employer or the best engagement partner, you have to be ready to evolve and improve. With our award-winning platforms and programs already going strong, we took a look at the changing workplace. We listened to our customers and studied the challenges they face, and built Applaudit around their needs.

Program participants will find navigating Applaudit natural, similar to Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social applications they already use at home and at work. They’ll find it fast and easy to send and receive recognition, individually and among teams. And they’ll come back to the site to be part of the on-going conversation. When it’s time to redeem award points, the industry-leading Rewards Mall awaits, with over 400,000 merchandise, travel, and event ticket options.

Program administrators will appreciate the value that Applaudit brings. It not only builds community, it also captures important recognition data, giving vital insight into the health of the organization and the individual performance of managers and employees. This data is easy to access through reporting and dashboards. What’s more, intuitively-designed administrative screens make the behind-the-scenes program management straightforward and easier to use than ever before.


We’re proud of the development and design work that’s gone into creating Applaudit and we look forward to sharing it with you to make your programs a great success.