Living our Mission: Appreciation Through Annual Awards

Living our Mission: Appreciation Through Annual Awards

March 3, 2016

Part of our mission here at Dittman is “To help people and organizations exceed their own expectations.” We strive to enrich people’s lives and give them a reason to succeed. We also “practice what we preach” in many ways, one being our Annual Awards. Each year, we recognize those who have gone above and beyond, shown just how outstanding they could be, and did it all with a enthusiasm and a great attitude!

The Teammate of the Year Award is chosen from nominations for Teammate of the Quarter given by colleagues in recognition of the winner’s hard work throughout the entire year. The 2015 winner is:

Teammate of the Year – Stephanie Gross, Digital Production Specialist

“Stephanie’s willingness to find the time, when there is no time, and to continue to contribute across the company is exceptional. She makes the extra effort to get it all done, exceeding internal and external client expectations every time.”

The Dittman CARES Award recognizes the person whose actions, words, commitment to excellence, and achievements best exemplify the values of the organization: Collaboration, Accountability, Respect, Ethical Behavior, and Service. The winner is selected from nominations by colleagues. The 2015 winner is:

Dittman CARES  Award – 
Brian Cobb, Art Director

“Brian has shown everyone in the company what it means to live the CARES values. He is held in high esteem in every corner of the company because he not only treats clients like team-mates and team-mates like clients . . . he treats all team-mates the same regardless of their level in the organization.” 

Choosing one winner out of so many deserving nominations is always very hard. This year, we recognize a third winner in the category of Special CARES Award. This person also exemplifies the values of the organization on a daily basis. The 2015 winner is:

Special CARES Award – Priyanka Shah, IT Data Analyst

“Priyanka is someone who embodies the type of teammate we should all strive to be. Her skills are in constant demand by every other team in the company.  Some people might be easily stressed or overwhelmed by the constant inflow of requests, but Priyanka comes in each day eager and enthusiastic to work with all of her teammates.”

Like most organizations, these awards are very important to our mission and values. They make the critical connection between personal achievement and organizational success. By recognizing these outstanding people in front of their peers, it gives inspiration to all. Being recognized for the hard work put in every day throughout the year in such a way is a wonderful feeling, and we are happy to share our winners with you!