How Local Culture Inspires a Trip of a Lifetime

How Local Culture Inspires a Trip of a Lifetime

April 6, 2017

What does it take to create the incentive trip of a lifetime? We spoke with Next Level Performance’s Director of Travel Operations, Jennifer Mazza, to ask her how to ensure a successful program. She focuses on opportunities for creativity, and holds vendors and venues to the high standards that Next Level and its clients have come to expect.

In a recent trip to Cancun, Mexico, Jennifer did just that for a regional bank. To make an impactful and memorable incentive trip, she set out to take the local culture of the destination and tie it into every moment to really create a “wow” factor. Jennifer knew she wanted to do something different from the typical mariachi theme for the gala dinner event and she found inspiration in the cenote. Cenotes are abundant in Mexico and are a natural grotto, with clear fresh water and an opening at the top that allows the beautiful Cancun sun to shine in.

Working with a client whose goal was to make the event extraordinary and memorable, a perfect fit for the idea, Jennifer knew she wanted to incorporate the exciting technology of video mapping. Video mapping creates an immersive experience, and with creative and realistic decorations, a standard ballroom was transformed into a magical cenote.

Video mapping gave the ballroom a fantastic transformation. Multiple projectors displayed seascapes, with fish and sharks over and around the guests throughout the course of dinner. Live local performers danced in sync with projected images, and a woman gracefully glided underwater in a flowy white dress to add an extra element of intrigue. It was spectacular and set a new standard for a corporate incentive event.

After a successful trip, there’s always the question of “how do we top this next year?” Jennifer says that it’s not about topping it year after year. The key is to find inspiration in local culture and to develop a unique experience which will never be forgotten.

To see the cenote in action, check out the video! To further discuss how we can elevate your incentive travel and create a meaningful experience with your winners, contact us at 732.745.0600.