Motivate with Mobile Event Apps

Motivate with Mobile Event Apps

February 25, 2016

Where is the next session located? What breakouts did I select? What time do we get picked up for the airport? Check the app!

Event apps have been used for a while now, but recently, they are on the rise and being utilized for more than just conferences. More attendees look forward to this technology, especially because of the amount of accessible information right at their fingertips.

Not only do paper agendas get tossed in the trash or left sitting on a chair, they cannot be updated or changed during the event. An online tool also provides a social aspect of networking and interaction throughout the whole event. During a recent incentive travel program, I got a behind-the-scenes experience of just how powerful this can be.

Working on-site as the “app support” person, I got to know first-hand how each group of people were using the event app. Here’s how the app kept everyone engaged throughout the whole incentive travel trip.

Speakers: Session speakers enjoyed seeing a list of attendees and their information in the app. They could see what people were saying on their own session page, as well as who checked in to or uploaded photos of their session.

FTS-APP-Mockup2016-2Sponsors: Partners and sponsors pay for visibility opportunities throughout the event. App sponsorship takes it to the next level. Partners can post updates about their booths or private events, and attendees can interact with each post, creating a more engaged environment.

Attendees: Downloading the app prior to the event gets everyone engaged before the event even starts. Attendees look at their personal agendas, follow others, and start networking through status updates. This part is crucial to event, and app, engagement. Most people will not take the time to download the app if only finding out about it upon arrival. This will cause confusion, wasting time and money, and resulting in poor reviews.

But what about the people it really matters to? For the people “behind-the-scenes,” here’s how the app increases productivity and provides valuable insight.

Event Planner: Anyone who plans an incentive travel program or any similar event knows the time and dedication it takes to organize every detail. Coordinating all of the moving parts involves a lot of attention to detail. The app makes things easier. For example, if a session location changes, a speaker is replaced, or you need to get people on an activity shuttle, the app gets updated in real time and pushes notifications out to everyone involved.

Our Client: Most importantly, the company who hosts an incentive travel progam can benefit from having an app for their event. By streamlining agendas (go green!), adding the social element of networking, and providing content material at the touch of a finger, attendees appreciate the value and thought behind this added tool.

With a better experience all around, winners of a trip will continue to push themselves to work towards success. Motivation for the next year is generated by the experience provided in the present one. So the next time you’re debating whether to spend a little extra on an event app, remember, a small piece of technology could have such a big impact on your event and your people’s motivation.