New Agent Rewards Sales Incentive Platform

New Agent Rewards Sales Incentive Platform

July 15, 2016

Release date: 11/20/2014

Dittman Incentive Marketing’s new web-based sales campaign platform, Agent Rewards, motivates agents to reach and exceed their sales goals. The platform enables a company to create multiple targeted campaigns, communicate the contest details to agents, and track individuals’ performance against custom goals throughout the duration of the program. Agent Rewards provides access to the extensive TotalPRO® online shopping mall, which motivates agents to achieve their goals.

Dittman’s new Agent Rewards Sales Platform helps to motivate agents to sell more and remain loyal to the brand. The platform is based on Dittman’s robust TotalPRO® product, which delivers results in a user-friendly manner.

Agent Rewards is a user-friendly web platform that provides online creation and management of sales campaigns. Each contest is designed in the Campaign Builder where administrators schedule emails to send to agents throughout the duration of the contest. Production data is uploaded on the platform where points are rewarded for reaching specific goals. The platform houses a Shopping Mall where points can be redeemed for popular items including gift cards, event tickets, and travel packages.

Agent Rewards aligns with Dittman’s product portfolio by providing a platform that is easy to use and drives positive business results. The Campaign Builder module supports multiple sales campaigns. Each one can be designed around a dollar amount or a number of units sold, and can involve a threshold or a “beat-your-best” objective. Individual sales promotions can be launched to all agents, or participants can be selected by region or product line. Administrators can design campaign rules, upload a logo, set a launch date and send automatic email reminders, all from the Campaign Builder.

Each agent has a personalized dashboard, showing progress toward their goal, and the ability to review individual campaign details.

Dittman Incentive Marketing offers Agent Rewards participants a wide range of popular products through the TotalPRO platform. Agents can choose from more than 20,000 brand-name merchandise items, gift cards, and event tickets, in addition to travel rewards powered by the Orbitz® Partner Network for booking travel.