Business as [UN]usual

Business as [UN]usual

April 1, 2020

Our world’s response to the Coronavirus Pandemic is inspiring. “Flattening the curve” has helped slow the spread and preserve precious medical supplies so that healthcare institutions are not overrun. “Social Distancing” is the right response.

Next Level is doing our part, while maintaining operations at optimal levels.

Next Level Performance will continue regular hours of operations, while our staff works remotely.

Our office location will be empty until at least Monday, June 29. That date is subject to change, pending new health directives. Changes will be reflected here.

All departments are fully operational, well-equipped and maintaining productivity using our suite of cloud tools, project management and communications by phone, email and message. We are maintaining 100% business continuity in all regards:

  • Customer Service
  • Client Services
  • Travel
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Sales & Support
  • Campaigns
  • Planning
  • Creative
  • Software Operations
  • Rewards and Fulfillment

If the situation changes, this post will be updated as needed, so you may continue to access the latest news via the link on our homepage.

We’re counting on our CARES core values of Collaboration, Accountability, Respect, Ethics and Service to see us through. A high degree of employee engagement will help buoy our spirits. And, you can continue to rely on our total commitment to serving you, our industry, and our valued customers.

See you on the other side!