Next Level Teammate Spotlight – Andrew Devoto

Next Level Teammate Spotlight – Andrew Devoto

October 27, 2016

As we’ve written before, here at Next Level Performance, we live our mission and take pride in the fact that we treat our employees the way we encourage our customers to treat theirs.

Each quarter, every member of our organization has the opportunity to nominate their peers for Teammate of the Quarter. This honor recognizes someone who went the extra mile throughout the last three months. The Teammate of the Quarter presentation showcases this person’s efforts in front of the entire company.

For Q3 2016, our Teammate of the Quarter is Andrew Devoto. Andrew is a Client Services Associate who has been with Next Level Performance for three years. He works with our clients every day to make sure they are getting the most out of their programs.

In any organization, it’s hard to really know what everyone does on a daily basis to keep the company running smoothly. Well, I had the chance to talk to Andrew about his position here at Next Level, and what winning the Teammate of the Quarter means to him. Check it out!

How would you describe your position at Next Level Performance?

My position encompasses a lot of different aspects, however, it always boils down to what our rebrand has been about, taking our clients to the next level. We are able to analyze clients’ goals and objectives to guide them towards launching a successful program. Staying up-to-date on industry trends is also important because one of the most common questions is, “What are similar companies doing right now for employee engagement?” Client Service Associates are known as the “product experts” because we can recommend the best approach using products with different functionalities to help the client reach their goals.

How has your role changed throughout your time here?

I started at Next level Performance in 2013 (then Dittman Incentive Marketing) in the Customer Service department. There I managed the satisfaction of the program participants for many clients. With the experience and knowledge I gained from that position, I was able to transfer to Client Services a year later. Even with the great experience of working with Customer Service, it was an adjustment in the beginning, but it has been very rewarding developing great relationships with my clients.

What is your favorite part about your job?

My favorite part is seeing the success of a program and the positive impact it leaves not only for the client, but also for the participants using the platform. There is a lot that goes into a program before it is even launched, including the planning of the functionality, implementation meetings, discussion of launch communications, and much more. With all the work that goes into building and maintaining a program, it is great seeing the objectives that were set being reached.

You won TOTQ for Q3 2016. What were some highlights of your performance this past quarter?

  • Managing A-level clients
  • Improving management of client data
  • Bringing in new business through positive referrals
  • Exceeding a client’s goal of participation

It’s really important for organizations to recognize their hard workers a much as possible. Even if it’s not as formal as our Teammate of the Quarter presentation, each person needs to know that they are valued and their efforts are noticed. And it’s mutual – if you put the energy in to recognizing the proper behavior, your employees will respect you just the same.

About his time here and the people he works with, Andrew said, “Next Level Performance has provided me a great foundation for professional growth along with very supportive colleagues.” We look forward to Andrew’s many future achievements.