Next Level Teammate Spotlight – Jamie Santiago

Next Level Teammate Spotlight – Jamie Santiago

July 19, 2018

With the second quarter coming to a close, the Next Level Performance team gathered to celebrate the Teammate of the Quarter nominations and winner. Every quarter, Next Level recognizes those who represent company values, demonstrate superb work ethic, and promote an engaging workplace. We practice what we preach and we know that acknowledging successes in our own workplace reminds us of the benefits and virtues of a truly engaged workforce.

We are pleased to announce Jamie Santiago, our talented Sr. Graphic Designer, has been awarded Teammate of the Quarter, in recognition for delivering extraordinary results. We award Jamie for her best-in-class contributions to recent group travel programs and her tremendous dedication to the company’s overall vision: to enrich people’s lives and give them reasons to Achieve More. A long-serving Next Level Performance employee, Jamie has been with the company for 7.5 years and we look forward to her future achievements!

We interviewed Jamie to hear her perspective on a successful quarter.

As Sr. Graphic Designer, how would you describe your day-by-day at Next Level Performance?

From producing videos to graphic design work and websites, I bring together the content and promotional materials for a number of programs. Sometimes this means updating previous programs with a returning client, or revamping a program altogether. Developing new themes or launching programs for new clients is when I have the most creative license. Together with our account team, I explore new concepts and designs and work towards creating motivating and memorable communications.

What keeps you happy and motivated at Next Level Performance?

I get to work with kind and inspirational people on a daily basis. There is no other company with a culture like ours. It is a pleasure to collaborate on incentive campaigns and travel programs with such talented people. Each new project presents a new challenge, so I’m never stuck in the same routine. I do what I love at Next Level Performance, and I am able to learn new things and try new creative processes. Working with admirable people keeps me inspired.

Looking back at a successful quarter here at Next Level Performance, what are some highlights of some work you have done?

Our recent VIP Travel Program to the Big Island in Hawaii was easily one of our best yet. Our client even posted about our work on their Instagram feed for providing outstanding materials. I had the opportunity to experiment with new designs that went beyond “sun, sand, and palm tree” visuals. The Big Island has a lush, green forest mixed with a rugged, volcanic landscape and both were incorporated into all of the mailings and onsite materials. The design even inspired the décor selected by our Travel team. It wound up fitting the program’s theme perfectly since the Kilauea volcano actually erupted during the final event!

I also enjoyed editing videos and media for a website I helped create for another client. I enjoy working in a variety of media and am excited about the design direction that really captures the attention of the programs’ eligible participants.

This quarter brought so many opportunities to go above and beyond with the creative work presented to us, and I am excited to finish the year off strong.

Jamie is a valuable member of the Next Level Performance team, and we appreciate her contributions to the company’s progress every day!