Next Level Teammate Spotlight – Kirsten Adams

Next Level Teammate Spotlight – Kirsten Adams

October 26, 2017

Our Teammate of the Quarter award gives the opportunity for teammates to nominate one of their peers for standing out and embodying our company values during that given quarter. A committee chooses one particular teammate that really went above and beyond and the award is presented in a company-wide meeting.

For the Third Quarter, we celebrate and thank Kirsten Adams for all of her hard work. Kirsten is part of our travel team as a Travel Experience Producer and will be celebrating three years with Next Level in February!

In an interview with Kirsten, she describes the important role she plays at Next Level and what it means to her:

Q: How would you describe your position at Next Level?

A: As a Travel Experience Producer I’m responsible for the creation, planning, and execution of incentive travel programs.

Q: How has your role changed throughout your time here?

A: My title may not have changed but certainly my level of experience and knowledge has. No two programs are ever the same, even if they’re the same client.

Q: What is your favorite part about your job?

A: Because of how unique each program and each client is, no two days are ever the same and I love that. Many people would assume my favorite part of this job is traveling to beautiful destinations and staying at the best hotels but that’s just a perk. I thrive on the day-to-day tasks and challenges that come with this planning role.

Q: You won Teammate of the Quarter for Q3 of 2017. What were some highlights of your performance this past quarter?

A: Typically the summer is when our team gets a little bit of a breather and has a chance to regroup and recharge. However, this summer had me busy as ever. The two biggest tasks dealt with relocation of programs. The first left me only two weeks to relocate, plan, and execute – and fortunately it went flawlessly, CEO’s words, not mine! The second was due to the recent hurricanes devastating some of the Caribbean islands for a program that will occur early 2018. Albeit there’s more time, this is a much larger program and many of our deadlines are quickly approaching. Challenges are par for the course in this industry, but nothing good ever comes easy!

A Travel Experience Producer’s job is tireless, never easy but rewarding all in one. All of Kirsten’s hard work has not gone unnoticed! We are lucky to have teammates like her who are so dedicated to delivering nothing but the best to our clients. Congratulations, Kirsten and thank you for all you do!