Next Level Teammate Spotlight – Robert Craig

Next Level Teammate Spotlight – Robert Craig

May 11, 2017

Here at Next Level Performance, we live our mission and take pride in our culture of engagement.

Each quarter, every member of our organization has the opportunity to nominate their peers for Teammate of the Quarter. This honor recognizes someone who went the extra mile throughout the last three months. The Teammate of the Quarter presentation showcases this person’s efforts in front of the entire company.

For the first quarter of 2017, our Teammate of the Quarter is Robert Craig. Previously Rob worked as a Senior Customer Care Representative, but he has recently switched roles and is now a Client Services Associate. In his new role Rob will be working to ensure the success of our clients’ programs. Rob has been with Next Level Performances since June of 2008, and his hard work and commitment to our company are greatly appreciated. This is one of the many reasons he is our Teammate of the Quarter!

I had the chance to talk with Rob about his position here at Next Level, and what winning the Teammate of the Quarter means to him. Check it out!

How would you describe your position at Next Level?

In the short amount of time that I’ve been in this position, I can best describe it as being dynamic, demanding, and yet also very rewarding. There’s a tremendous amount of satisfaction in watching a program develop from initial concept to final product and this new position allows me to contribute to that process.

How has your role changed throughout your time here?

Before transitioning to this new role, I was a Senior Customer Care Representative responsible for monitoring participants’ orders through our point-based redemption platforms and providing assistance to program participants. It too was a very dynamic position to be in, as you are in many cases the first point of contact for the programs and any potential issues that may arise. My new position allows me to take this ‘front-line’ experience and apply it to the overall vision of future programs.

What is your favorite part about your job?

I can easily say that my favorite part of the job is contributing to the creation of these platforms and the collaborative efforts between the various departments of the company to ensure the client’s expectations are met. It may sound like a cliché, but it’s very true that when launching and maintaining a successful program it is ‘all hands on deck’, so to speak, in that every department contributes to the process.

You won Teammate of the Quarter for Q1 of 2017. What were some highlights of your performance this past quarter?

We just recently finished a large program for a long-standing client of ours and I was responsible for ensuring the participants had all the information they needed and understood the last steps before they were required to redeem their points by a set deadline. At the same time that this program was coming to its conclusion, I was also transitioning to my new role of Client Services Associate.

It’s really important for organizations to recognize their hard workers as much as possible. Even if it’s not as formal as our Teammate of the Quarter presentation, each person should know that they are valued and their efforts are noticed. And it’s mutual – if you put the energy in to recognizing the proper behavior, your employees will respect you just the same.

About his time here at Next Level, Rob said, “The Teammate of the Quarter Award is an honor which its recipient cannot attain without the help of his or her teammates. One of the values of this company is collaboration and I would be remiss to not accept this award on everyone’s behalf. Thank you to everyone!”