Proven Sales Incentive Structures that drive success

Proven Sales Incentive Structures that drive success

September 15, 2023

Each client’s sales teams and organizational structures are a bit unique. Whether it’s inside, outside, or a combination of both, success depends on creating a sales program that motivates the masses, the middle, and the masters of their craft.

To ensure your program is a success, Next Level leverages a host of design strategies. Many fit into one of the following incentive structures:

Achieve and Receive

Sales reps or contractors receive a reward every time they hit an achievement. Quite often this means they begin earning (points, gift cards, merchandise, travel) from dollar one in sales or purchases.


A minimum goal is required, and awards are pending until that goal is reached. Quite often rewards accumulate from dollar one after the minimum sales or purchase goal is met. Goals and minimum thresholds help ensure that you are not paying out for sales that would have happened regardless of the incentive.


This structure leverages a series of tiers with incremental earnings after goal achievement. For instance, $10 is earned after a goal of 10 sales is reached, and an additional $1 is then earned for every sale between 10 and 20. After 20 sales, an additional $2 is earned for every sale between 20 and 30, and so on.


Leaderboards can be delivered as a standalone incentive program for sales reps, or they can be added to any Achieve and Receive, Goal-based, or Tier-based campaign to motivate progress beyond goal. A leaderboard ranks the top performers in any promotion, and often offers prizes or points on top of the standard promotion earnings for the top-ranking performers.

Contractor Promotions

Contractor promotions can be highly effective when you need to increase purchases for a product, drive traffic to a point of sale, online store or agency, or stimulate a specific market. You can create a goal-based reward strategy offering points for purchase thresholds, or simple in-store tactics like gift cards or scratch-offs for purchase-based activities.

Push / Pull Promotions

While many of these structures are designed to reward sales to the end contractor (Push), contractor promotions (Pull) can be utilized in conjunction with push incentives to motivate growth and drive contractor loyalty. Many of the best designs include Push and Pull components.

We can help. For more than 45 years, we’ve been designing results-based channel partner and customer loyalty programs that move the needle. Contact us today to learn more about our successes, and take a demo of our all-new Amplify® sales incentive platform.