Purpose and the Workplace—how NXL gets it right

Purpose and the Workplace—how NXL gets it right

March 7, 2024

As you can imagine, with my role in Engagement Strategy here at Next Level, and as Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Incentive Research Foundation (IRF), I spend a lot of time thinking, reading, and talking about how organizations can make deeper connections with their employees, customers, and channel partners. After all, this engagement is proven to drive the bottom line, and it also creates an environment where innovation, motivation, and retention (both customer and employee) thrive. 

IRF research shows that the most successful companies use a broad approach with their employee programs, connecting with a maximum number of people, to increase their engagement and improve results. In fact, the Incentive Federation found that not only are 84% of US companies using non-cash rewards programs, that number actually goes up, the bigger the organization, with 90% of companies of over $1B in revenue leveraging these programs. 

Here at NXL, we really practice what we preach. Our teammates are active users of our recognition platform, sending eCards and nominating each other for quarterly and annual awards. Managers use points to motivate and thank their teams for outstanding performance, rolling up to the Rewards Mall where we can redeem for our choice of tens of thousands of options from gift cards, to merchandise, to travel.  

We also enjoy twice annual events in office to bring all of our teammates together for education and celebration, as well as engaging the entire team in our annual HOPE Week community service event. 

This week, I was reminded of how and why this is so effective. One of our benefits is that the company sets aside funds for each teammate to donate to their charity of choice each year.  

Recently, we learned that one of our community service partners – a community kitchen nearby that feeds our food insecure neighbors and provides hospitality career education – was flooded by broken water heaters. Our team at NXL knows the team at Elijah’s Promise. We’ve cooked alongside them, run food drives and raised funds, and taught a class about banquet events at their cooking school.  When the word came through on social media that they needed help reaching a financial goal to replace the plumbing, some of my NXL teammates immediately made donations through the NXL fund. It was personal. And professional.  

Next Level connected me to my community and made it just that much more possible for me to do something meaningful, while connecting that sense of community and purpose to my work. That’s powerful. And that’s what helps us stay successful and aligned as an organization around our CARES values (Collaboration, Accountability, Respect, Ethical Behavior, and Service).   

We can help you build community in your company as well.  

Or if you’d like to help Elijah’s Promise get back to providing healthy meals for the food insecure, here’s where you can learn more.