Sales Incentive Sprint to the Finish

Sales Incentive Sprint to the Finish

September 20, 2018

It’s almost Q4.  How are your numbers? Here are some easy-to-implement ideas to get your team going on a sales incentive sprint to the finish:

Communicate: Does everyone know what you need them to do? Are you sure? You can’t just announce a program and watch results roll in. Communications – from eStatements to ePostcards – keep everyone on track and keep the goal front of mind. It should be easy for every sales person to know how they are pacing and what they stand to gain.

A Little Friendly Competition: Consider announcing front runners mid-way through the program. Who has already qualified or is leading the pack. There’s nothing like a little competition to inspire just a little more effort.

Quick Hits: Behavioral economics research shows that people do best when there are rewards offered at milestones along the way. It helps everyone stay engaged and excited about the program. Give everyone pacing to hit their goals mid-program points in our Rewards Mall as an economical attention-getter.

sales incentive sprint in progress

Motivate the Middle: It’s not just about your top 10 or 20%. Imagine the numbers if that next 60% of your sales force had something to gain by staying in the fight and striving for their goals. They might not hit the big numbers, but the incremental increase in revenue can really add up. Some of our most successful programs are tiered to offer smaller but desirable rewards to that middle tier of the sales force. Give them a reason to try harder.

Experiences Inspire: Did you know that cash is actually proven to be less motivating and more easily forgotten than non-cash rewards? And among all non-cash rewards, experiences rule. Biometric research shows that what people really want are travel, event tickets, and other experiences. Make sure it’s part of your rewards mix, especially for your best sales people.

Recognition for Role Models: Be sure to recognize those who succeed in your program. Not only does it strengthen their commitment to your company, it gives everyone else an example of how and why they should care about hitting their goals. Make an example of your winners… in a good way.

Need some help designing your program or getting it launched in a hurry? We’d be happy to help. Our strategic team can provide the right program structure and rewards to boost your sales or channel incentive program and finish strong in 2018. Check out Great Escapes as one great way to motivate with experiences.