Send Employee Recognition Anywhere, Anytime with Applaudit Social Recognition Platform

Send Employee Recognition Anywhere, Anytime with Applaudit Social Recognition Platform

June 28, 2017

With the new social recognition platform, Applaudit™ from Next Level Performance, managers and peers send employee recognition and awards on any device, anytime, anywhere with its best-in-class mobile-friendly design. 

Applaudit™, a social employee recognition platform, is completely mobile-friendly and responsive, which makes recognizing a coworker or employee easier and more effective than ever before. The app can be used on a phone, tablet, or computer, allowing for on-the-go, anytime recognition.

People do their best work when they know they are appreciated. An employee recognition program offers the tools needed to do so, and an online, social platform takes it to the next level. Recognition resonates when given immediately after a specific behavior is displayed, which is why Applaudit offers best-in-class technology to send recognition anywhere, anytime

Applaudit is a cloud-based social hub where teammates and managers can give recognition and acknowledge great achievements. The recognition platform meets people wherever they are, both online and on the go. The social user experience is easily accessible on any browser without sacrificing quality or functionality. With Applaudit, organizations can build community, increase commitment, and instill values on a completely mobile platform.

Acknowledge good work in the moment by sending e-ppreciation, quickly recognize anniversaries and milestones with a simple click of a button, check reporting on the spot to see how a team is performing, and redeem for a reward without ever leaving the browser. Applaudit’s mobile and social user experience is similar to the social platforms employees use every day, making it comfortable and easy to navigate.

Chris Reppy, Director of Product Development at Next Level Performance says, “We’ve eliminated the barriers to sharing recognition by empowering users to send and receive recognition at any time across a variety of media. Applaudit was designed around the core values of an organization, so that when employees are using the product, no matter when it is or where they are, those goals are aligned with the recognition being sent.”