Service Anniversaries: Milestones are Meaningful

Service Anniversaries: Milestones are Meaningful

October 15, 2015

It’s official. Recently, I marked my 10th service anniversary here at Dittman. That means that roughly one in every three working days of my entire life has been spent here. It also means that I’ve worked here longer than I have ever worked anywhere else.

I’ve had seven job titles and worked in four departments. I’ve been a mom to a toddler and now to a teenager. I’ve been divorced and married again. I’ve waited anxiously while those close to me have suffered medical problems or layoffs. And I’ve celebrated with colleagues when things have turned out alright. Through it all, I’ve logged roughly 20,000 hours at the office.

In other words, I’ve lived my life for the last 10 years with a work family, nearly as much as with my “real” family at home.

That’s why milestone awards are meaningful. How I spend my life matters. And spending it here is a choice I make every day. I choose to show up and do my best. And just like in a relationship, I – like most people – expect to be acknowledged. I’d like to know that it matters that I am here. It means I’m valued. That my time is well spent.

That’s what service anniversary or milestone awards are all about.  By recognizing the time spent and the efforts made, we recognize the commitment of the individual. We recognize that they could have spent their time somewhere else, but that they decided instead to join our cause, to work for our vision, to deliver on our promises.

Five or ten years of one’s life well spent are worth marking. So is one year, or two. Take a moment, no matter how short the time may seem, to recognize the dedication of the individuals who have a positive impact on the organization day after day. It gives meaning and purpose to their time and to their working lives.

On this 10th anniversary, I’m glad to be here. And I appreciate the acknowledgement by the company and by my teammates. It will guide me for the coming challenges. Here’s to the next milestone!