Social Recognition Makes Powerful Employee Connections

Social Recognition Makes Powerful Employee Connections

November 3, 2016

Imagine if you came to work, every day, and did your job, but no one ever said anything to you about it. No camaraderie in the lunch room. No “hey, thanks!” when you helped a colleague. No feedback on that last project you worked so hard on. Just… nothing. You probably wouldn’t be too enthusiastic about showing up. In the workplace, social dynamics matter as much as they do in our personal lives. And social recognition makes powerful connections between employees, their colleagues, and their companies.

In the field of employee engagement, we know that authentic and meaningful interactions between people can make the difference between business success and failure. In fact, these interactions can be important predictors of individual success. It helps people know what’s expected of them and how they’re doing. It also helps them feel valued by the organization, and like they’re part of the team.

Peer-to-peer connections are the foundation for the workplace community. And that’s where social recognition comes in.  By providing a social platform for the organization, you create a framework for those interactions and connect them to your company values. Simply put, you give your community a place to thrive.

Here are some great ways to use a social platform:


Give a colleague a round of applause.  From the unsung heroes to the superstars, shared successes tell the story of your company and everyone who contributes to its achievements.

Bump it up.  Give teammates a chance to turn up the volume on recognition by liking, commenting, or sharing their thoughts. It brings an element of celebration to the event.

Reinforce values. Research shows that people do their best when company values align with their own personal values. The platform provides a great place to remind everyone you’re a team, working toward the same end goals.

Create a community center. With announcements, milestones, and shared stories, you’ll give people a reason to return to the site and build momentum.

Develop insight. Every recognition moment captures someone’s best efforts. Taken together, and with a solid suite of reports, you can fill in a picture of employees, managers, and the company at large. Who’s succeeding, who’s struggling, and who’s taking steps to help a teammate? It’s all there and provides valuable insights for coaching and development.

People need human connections to do well, at home and at work. Social recognition can help you to build the right environment for individual and business achievement.