A Social Workplace – How Your Office Creates Connections

A Social Workplace – How Your Office Creates Connections

November 10, 2016

By now, most of us know that the workforce is changing. And with the increase in generational diversity, we also know that workplace culture, engagement, and the way we keep employees motivated has also become an important focus.

But what hasn’t really been talked about, in relation to workplace change, is the physical workspace. It’s no secret more and more companies are allowing for flexible hours, remote workers, and even unlimited vacation days, and with this come alternate ways to communicate.

But the question is, will this have an effect on the traditional shared office space?

The answer is yes, according to this Huffington Post article. As workplace culture changes, more and more of us will be working remotely at some point – maybe not every day or even in the near future, but it will become more common. Our fundamental needs, as people, don’t change though, no matter where we work. Across all generations, workplace culture plays a big part of whether these needs are met or not.

So what kind of environment do employees need?

People need a sense of purpose and a sense of achievement. They want to feel appreciated and that what they do matters. To their core, people require social security. We have an essential need to create meaningful connections with other people and to have a sense of belonging.  Future workplace design needs to take all of these needs into consideration.


So how do we achieve this with a remote workforce?

While working remotely will become more popular, employees will still need to meet in a conventional workspace to reconnect with fellow workers in a way that’s not through a screen. Many organizations have already started considering the impact of their workspace and how it can evolve to create a space where employees feel valued and want to be. Herman Miller, a furnishings solution company, advises that workplaces need a makeover to keep the sense of community within an office space.

To fashion a space for employees to reconnect and experience this much-needed human interaction, try creating communal rooms for open discussions and meetings. Buildings with windows and open floor plans add social elements to the traditional office environment. Modern and contemporary décor can even add the right amount of excitement to the day-to-day workplace.

The workplace needs to be a place where employees enjoy coming back to.

Workers that are highly engaged drive creativity and results. Organizational leaders know that taking care of employees is smart business, and should be among their biggest investments. Yes, this investment needs to include recognition and reward programs, but it is important to consider workplace design. The physical environment still has a large impact on the spirit and how people feel about coming into that space. People thrive the most when they have a sense of community and human connections. Don’t miss the opportunity to make connections with your people, even if that means sprucing up the place.

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