Take Me Out to the Ballpark – A Truly Rewarding Experience

Take Me Out to the Ballpark – A Truly Rewarding Experience

November 21, 2013

“Making Dreams Come True” isn’t a phrase typically associated with Engagement Programs. But David Seitzer, a lifelong Cardinals fan and an agent for Great American Financial, recently used his reward points for a special event — Game 5 of the National League Division Series. Although it almost didn’t happen…

“I wanted to use my points to book tickets for the game that day. I knew my son would love to go,” David told us. “The fanXchange portal on Dittman’s Rewards website had 2 tickets available — but they would be delivered in two days by FedEx. That wasn’t going to work! So I called the Customer Service number.”

Rob Craig, a Customer Service Rep at Dittman, took the call, and — being a baseball fan himself — understood the urgency. He contacted the vendor, worked with them to change the delivery method from FedEx to self-printing, and emailed  the tickets to David. As Rob said “I’m a Reds fan, so couldn’t cheer for the Cards – but I understood what the game would mean to them, particularly if the Cards won.

With the newly-printed tickets in hand, David and James were able to go to the game. And to cap it off, the Cards clinched the NL championship, and went on to the World Series. (David was at that one too – thanks to his rewards points!)

We’ll leave the last words to David. “I couldn’t think of a better way to use my Reward Points. It was a memorable night at Busch Stadium – and all thanks to Rob for getting me the tickets on time.