The Current State of Employee Engagement

The Current State of Employee Engagement

November 29, 2018

Employee engagement is on the rise! According to Gallup, the percentage of engaged workers in the US has reached 34%, the highest since they started reporting on employee engagement in 2000. Engaged workers are defined as those showing enthusiasm and commitment towards their work and workplace. What’s more, the percentage of “actively disengaged” workers, or those who “have miserable work experiences,” is at 13% – an all-time low.

While this is all good news, there is still more work to be done. The majority of workers (53%) remain disengaged. The disengaged employee has low enthusiasm for their work and shows reduced commitment or effort.

Employee engagement is key to boosting productivity and overall business success. As discussed in our blog Human Capital – Your Company’s Greatest Asset, the true value of a company lies in its people. Investing time and money into your employees and company culture ensures employee retention, productivity, and even customer satisfaction.

More on employee engagement in this infographic:

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