Three Channel Sales Incentive Ideas, One Turnkey Solution You Can Deploy Today

Three Channel Sales Incentive Ideas, One Turnkey Solution You Can Deploy Today

August 10, 2020

Whether you’re in an industry that’s stalled because of COVID-19 or a thriving organization that’s delivering much-needed services, customers and channel partners are more important than ever. When you need a solution fast, we’ve got three channel sales incentive ideas you can deploy today and one turnkey solution to make it happen.

1. Promotion for Sales Team (Push): Getting everyone focused on short-term sales goals is the name of the game right now. The marketplace is changing rapidly, so your team should sprint towards realistic near-term goals to build business now. Consider pushing a specific product or service. Or reward for new customer orders.

Solution: Great Rewards for tiered payouts of gift cards or merchandise. You set the levels, based on incremental increased revenue. It’s an idea that literally pays for itself.

2. Promotion for Customers (Pull): To re-engage past customers or to connect to new customers, empower your team to express appreciation and build relationships. Consider rewarding for new orders, growth over previous, or even the first meeting. You’ve got to make it memorable. You’ve also got to make it clear that this is a relationship that is mutually rewarding.

Solution: Great Rewards for instant gratification. Hand your customers a branded card carrier, delivered with a sincere “Thank you for your business”.

3. Bring in the Fun: Keep it light by incorporating gamification and chance. Why not run a sweepstakes for your sales team or customers (you may want to talk to your attorney on this one, so you’re sure to be on the up-and-up with the rules!) or give customers scratch off cards. The winner receives a rewards code.

Solution: Great Rewards for fun and flexibility. Hand out cards, email codes, print congratulations. Great Rewards tiers let you set your budget and choose your delivery. Brand it, talk about it, help your sales reps bring the fun to the customer.

We promise to make purchasing and implementation a breeze. In fact, if you call us today, we can have you up and running within a week.

Have a more complex problem or looking for a comprehensive set of sales incentive ideas? We’ve got the know-how and the suite of solutions to support your business today. Let’s talk.

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