TotalPRO® Recognition App for Smartphones Launches

TotalPRO® Recognition App for Smartphones Launches

July 15, 2016

Release date: 01/29/2015

Dittman Incentive Marketing’s new recognition app allows participants to recognize and reward colleagues on-the-spot for immediate recognition. The app’s simple functionality allows for a seamless recognition process..

Dittman Incentive Marketing has launched a smartphone app based on the company’s award-winning TotalPRO® recognition software, a cost-effective platform that manages recognition and rewards programs.

The TotalPRO Recognition App offers an easy way to acknowledge performance “on-the-go” through its simple four-step process. With the app, managers can recognize and reward team members immediately at any location, focusing the team on recognizing the positive activity of an employee or group.

Bill Masur, Product Manager at Dittman, says, “The app will change the way people are rewarded. A manager can visit a local office branch, or a realtor on location and reward a team member for something they saw on their visit. It is perfect for people who are not always at a computer, and because of its convenience, will boost recognition.” With an easier way to recognize, employees will increase the frequency they show appreciation, which increases motivation and productivity, and impacts the company’s bottom line.

Program participants download the app and sign in with their existing TotalPRO credentials. Once logged in, the app reflects the name and branding of their specific corporate program. They choose a person to recognize from a dynamic, pre-populated search of their team members. Once the recipients are chosen, the participant is directed to choose one of ten reasons for recognizing these team members, such as Teamwork, Extra Effort, or Leadership. He/she decides on how many points to award each team member (if applicable) and then writes a message explaining the reason for the recognition. After a last chance to review the award, hitting “send” instantly alerts the recipient with an email. The activity is shown immediately on the dashboard within TotalPRO

The TotalPRO Recognition app is now available for free to download in the Apple and Google Play stores, with access only for participating programs.