Transcend transactions. Inspire interactions.

Transcend transactions. Inspire interactions.

June 20, 2023

Many of the typical sales rep, partner, or customer reward programs go through the same motions—do this, get that. Send us your email, we’ll send you a gift card. Sell a widget, get a trinket. Your transactions pile up faster than aspen leaves in November, but you might not achieve desired loyalty or sales goals with transactions alone.

While it’s important to recognize your loyalists and performers, the farther they are down the Go To Market chain, the less likely they are to remember what they did, for whom, to deserve the reward.

Meaningful incentive programs transcend the transaction. Effective programs realize that the simple reward for a past sale, or purchase, isn’t enough to stimulate more sales going forward.

Want growth? Transcend the transaction, and inspire interaction.

How Do You Interact In A Remote World?

There are a handful of unique ways to engage sales reps, partners and customers in stronger relationships, through daily interaction with your program platform. Leverage tactics like learning, competition, communications, and rewards built on gamification principles.

Here are a few thoughts:
  • Give Small Rewards for Small Interactions. Start at program registration, offering a small dose of reward points just for signing up.
  • Set Goals and Show Progress. Set goals individually, or in tiers, and use progress bars on your program website to keep participants coming back for status checks.
  • Reward Learning with Instant Deposits. Gamified Learn and Earn modules give participants reason to come back to your site, engaging in short product, service, or program quizzes to earn nominal points for completion.
  • Mix Up Your Deposits. Sometimes, even just dropping points in a bank can seem transactional. You can mix it up by offering different reward types, like instant gift cards, or even Spin to Win options that vary the points deposits for the interactions, and motivate another click or two on your program website.
  • Stimulate Competition. Turn on Leaderboards with your promotions. Your top performers will come back to your website to check daily on their status, and your mid-tiers will try even harder to make the cut.
  • Send Points Statements Frequently. Twice a month. Let participants know where they stand with their earnings. Much like we all check our airline or coffee shop status, program participants want to know where they stand.

Interactions drive engagement with your brand, and that keeps your program top of mind.

We can help. For more than 45 years, we’ve been designing results-based channel partner and customer loyalty programs that move the needle. Call us today to learn more about our successes, and take a demo of our all-new Amplify® sales incentive platform.