Turn a “Suggestion Box” into an Engagement Program

Turn a “Suggestion Box” into an Engagement Program

February 11, 2016

More and more organizations are starting to understand that our employees are our biggest asset. Employees must be treated well and recognized properly in order to stay motivated and become advocates for your company. Besides all of the great benefits employees have to offer an organization, there is one thing that often goes unnoticed: their ideas and suggestions.

Day after day, your employees are working in the front lines of the business. They are dealing with customers, expanding your products and services, and keeping the organization running smoothly. Employee Suggestion programs tap into your team’s experience as a resource for ideas to improve your business and its processes.

So how do you tackle such a program like this, and how can you prove it’s a success? Well, we have compiled 8 steps to get you started on creating and implementing a successful Employee Suggestion program. The white paper “Employee Suggestions – an Untapped Resource” will explain where to start, how to make your program successful, and how to measure and celebrate success.

For example, Step 2 explains how a successful program needs a review team and a meeting plan. All key levels of your organization should be included here because this team reflects your business culture and accomplishments.

Employees know what customers are saying, how products work, and how processes can be improved. To discover the rest of the steps, download the white paper and start to tap into their ideas to better your company with an employee suggestion initiative.