Welcoming Generation Z

Welcoming Generation Z

March 21, 2019

The next generation of workers is graduating college and joining the workforce. Are you ready? Generation Z consists of 61 million people born from 1995 to 2012. Many are in entry level jobs right now and they will make up 20% of the workforce within the next 2 years. This is a group that never experienced the world without the Internet or cellphones. They are tech-savvy and ambitious. They dominate social media, prioritize independence, and strive to impact the community.

Contrary to popular belief, this isn’t just a second wave of technologically advanced, job-hopping millennials. The trends found across Generation Z may surprise you.

Generation Z is more social than you think. According to HR Tech, Generation Z prefers in-person communication and direct, consistent communication with management. Work-from-home perks are less enticing for Gen Zers who seek immediate feedback and strong co-worker connections. Work-life balance and flexibility, however, are still crucial to their job satisfaction.

80% of Generation Z prioritizes self-sufficiency; therefore, guidance from managers is vital to their success. Regular recognition, feedback, and assistance is key to engaging these ambitious employees who will often seek responsibilities that lie beyond the typical duties within their roles.

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Gen Z grew up during the recession, and now they seek stability. Observing how the economic downturn affected their parents, Gen Zers now seek opportunities that offer long-term growth. Even today, with low unemployment and a strong economy, most of Generation Z would prefer working their way up through one organization, instead of job-hopping.

Lastly, social responsibility is key to winning over Generation Z employees. They’re a progressive generation that would like to see their company give back to the community. Highlighting your company’s dedication to the community in the company mission is a good first step, but regular contributions to charity as well as charity events like food drives are essential to maintaining a strong company culture and engaging Gen Z workers.

Over the next decade, Gen Z will be taking over the workforce. Understanding their characteristics is a crucial first step to making sure your company culture engages their interests.